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It is of paramount importance to be quick and efficient when it comes to rendering services during the short time a ship is berthed.

With a twenty-four hour on duty team, we are always ready to do preventive maintenance and corrective services under any weather conditions at any terminal.

Monitoring: Reeferbras has a modern system to monitor the temperature of Reefer Containers. Through data collector with barcode readers, data is collected and sent to an integrated system which makes any on-line information available on our web-site. To access information, our clients have a password by which the complete monitoring of a container can be done, up to its shipment.

Technical Follow-up during shipment: Reeferbras has stand-by professionals on board of vessels to follow loading and unloading procedures, in which the plug-in/plug-out and temperature monitoring of containers are carried out.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): Reeferbras has its own program of repair estimates which suits the needs of its clients and partners by having the flexibility of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

Electronic Laboratory and Reconditioning Workshop: Reeferbras, with its modern and well-equipped repair laboratories, offers its clients special terms for reconditioning motors, compressors, controllers and electronic boards.

Repair Gensets: Reeferbras workshops has molded the needs for maintenance of gensets with mechanical expertise and enabling the maintenance of diesel engines and generators reconditioning.

Training: Reeferbras has an area of ​​practical training, with a capacity of up to 6 containers of 40 feet (supplied with 440V), and a modern multimedia auditorium with capacity for 52 people.


Reeferbras has a team that specializes in atmosphere control (CA). In some areas of the country, special equipment is used to control the levels of respiration of some cargo. This control guarantees the quality of some cargo, mainly fruit, on its arrival, regardless of how lengthy the trip may be.

A clear example is the mangoes exported from the northeast of the country to Dubai, in the Middle East. Such a trip has a long “Transit time”. Reeferbras is in charge of the strict PTI as well as the follow-up during the stuffing of these units, which includes the probes calibration and the isolation of the cargo by using special curtains.

This partnership with the ship-owner has guaranteed the success of our service since 2002.


With the objective of minimizing costs with removal of units on board to be repaired, Reeferbras has developed a system of locomotion of compressors on board vessels. With equipment, it is possible to move compressors to the hold and do the necessary repairs there as long as access to them is not obstructed. This service is carried out in a safe, quick way to guarantee clients' satisfaction.

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